Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Conquest - Fall 2013 - Understanding complications in the midst of complexity | MD Anderson Cancer Center

My department was featured in a write up by our in house magazine that is shared with patients, staff, visitors, and donors.  This article is about the clinical program I was hired to create in 2004.  The fall of 2014 marks the tenth year for the Internal Medicine Perioperative Assessment Center. To my knowledge, I run the only dedicated perioperative medicine in a comprehensive cancer center in the world. I am grateful to my fellow staff and colleagues at UT MD Anderson for allowing me to explore and build a career that has made a difference in the lives of patients with cancer. 

Conquest - Fall 2013 - Understanding complications in the midst of complexity | MD Anderson Cancer Center

Photos from the photo shoot shot by Wyatt McSpadden:


Monday, April 21, 2014

Ganesh Puja at the inauguration of my blog

Original Image credited to it's creator: Sanjay Patel at gheehappy.com 
Image From: http://archive.wired.com/table_of_malcontents/2006/11/ghee_happy_the_/  accessed 21 April 2014

Before embarking on a new endeavor, Hindus perform a puja for Lord Ganesh.  This is my online attempt to do the same by posting one of my favorite pictures of Lord Ganesh.  Sanjay Patel is one of our favorite authors and illustrators, we have several of his books and he has done amazing work.  Having done the puja and properly credited the creator, it's time to get started on this blog!

My identity is self evident based on the link to my twitter feeds to the right.  If you want to know more, please follow the links.  My blog, ABCD MD is meant to be a creative outlet for my concerns and also serve as journal for thoughts about myriad topics.  Face it, the most boring thing at a party is when several docs get together and start talking shop.  Most of us actually have other interests besides medicine, and this is my attempt to explore them. 

Why do I have two twitter accounts?  It's not that I am confused or have a split personality. As an employee of a state institution, I have to be careful of what I say in my professional capacity as a physician.  Additionally, my personal opinions about life (i.e, non medical stuff) would clutter up the utility of a medically oriented twitter handle.  Hence, the two twitter accounts. 

I would not have had the courage to pull this off without the support of my wife and children, whom I love to the stars and back.  This blog is dedicated to them.


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